We believe education is a fundamental ingredient of success. We have created a unique database of available research on medical marijuana that is continually updated by our team of specialists. These efforts are designed to generate increased awareness in the medical community regarding the safety, risks and benefits of medical marijuana, as well as better assist patients in gaining access to this powerful treatment option.

Doctor with female patientQualifying Conditions

​There are a number of debilitating medical conditions whose symptoms maybe eased by the administration of medical marijuana.

This section of the website will give you a detailed list and description of the conditions that may qualify your patient for medical marijuana.


11950820_mlCertifying Patients

​In order to receive medical marijuana, a qualified patient must submit and application.  This application must be accompanied by a written certification from you, their physician.

Therefore, you may have patients asking you questions or requesting a certification from you.

Here, you can learn more about the details of certification as well as find all the related forms and paperwork.


10594922_mPhysician FAQ

​As a physician, you can play various roles in the medical marijuana process.  First and foremost, you can provide sound medical guidance to your patients and offer them alternative options to assist with their conditions.

You can also provide patients with the written certification they need to qualify for a medical marijuana card.

We know you have questions.  In this section, we’ve answered some of those mostly commonly asked.