About Us

Medicine in Bloom is a comprehensive resource to inform and educate physicians about medical marijuana.

Closeup portrait of a happy senior doctor with stethoscopeMission

Our mission is to educate physicians and conduct research either independently or in collaboration with government or the the private sector.

We believe education is a fundamental ingredient of success. We have created a unique database of available research on medical marijuana that is continually updated by our team of specialists.


These efforts are designed to generate increased awareness in the medical community regarding the safety, risks and benefits of medical marijuana, as well as better assist patients in gaining access to this powerful treatment option.



TenderBloom Dispensary

Medicine in Bloom is part of Bloom Dispensaries.  Bloom Dispensaries manages retail and cultivation facilities for state licensed, not-for-profit certificate holders, in compliance with the AMMA. Each dispensary is independently licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services and operates under a fiduciary board of directors, independent of Bloom Dispensaries. Bloom Dispensaries are Arizona State Licensed Medical Marijuana Dispensaries that follow Arizona’s laws and regulations.